Descent Vynz
Origin Karachi
Genres Pop
Years active 2013-present (on hiatus)
Associated acts Allen
Labels Zyxo Records
Ahmed Mujtuba
Usman Memon
Harris Memon

Descent Vynz (commonly abbreviated DV) is an English-Pakistani pop boy-band based in Karachi, composed of Ahmed Mujtuba, Usman Memon, Harris Memon, and previously Muhammad Farzam until his departure from 2013-15. The group signed a record deal with Allen's record label, Zyxo Records.[1][2]


Descent Vynz were first named Eskimo State. The name was choose by Harris Memon. After three years, the named was changed into the and was abbreviated dv. four three albums "Holiday beats (2013)", "I Should have Been Killed (2014)" and "Black Jacket (2016)" got popular and gained over million reviews.[3]

2013-15: Holiday beats

In 2013, Usman Memon, Muhammad Farzam, Ahmed Mujtuba and Harris Memon auditioned as solo candidates in the Canadian competition The N Factor, and were also nominated for their debut studio album Holiday beats. After all, in the quarter-final round, Harris and Farzam got eliminated. And then in semi-final, Usman and Mujtuba also got eliminated, and then, Zayn Malik from One Direction won. And that's how the event finished and Eskimo's community got falling down. But before it happens, they made the album's second titled "Dubstep". They all has mononymous personality.

2014: I Should have Been Killed

"I Should have Been Killed" is a pop album by descents, released in March 2014, without Ahmed Mujtuba. It is composed by Allen's record label Zyxo Records and also published successfully. The album is also nominated in the Katteaz Awards and is still pending.

2016-present: Black Jacket

Black Jacket is an album by released some days before on 3rd September 2016. It is currently going on and they are currently touring on their Black Jacket Tour. It has only one single titled "Fight With Me". The second single titled "Shogun" is an up-coming single.


2017: Black Jacket

Descents have a plan to use their album's songs in their up-coming movie Black Jacket directed by all the descents. This is a comedy movie, and also an action movie. The trailer is releasing on 28 December 2016.


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